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(An Institution Working for all-round development of humanity)
JYOTSANA JAN KALYAN SAMITI (J.J.S.) is working hard for the development of nation. It is the name of a movement to help the humanity in developing their overall personality and to work for a strong and united India. Its main objective is to make our society and nation free from caste, community, religion, corruption, crime, violence, exploitation and terrorism. Besides this to keep our countrymen physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually fit and free from all sorrow. Our nation should be governed by a group of enlightened saint in the ancient times, so that our nation can become super power materially and spiritually. The program offered by our society is as follows.

Health Programs 

We have conducted numbers of health programs in Allahabad District of Uttar Pradesh in its slum areas and villages. We have given hygiene awareness and AIDS awareness to the poor and illiterate peoples of these areas. We organize medical camps with the help of reputed doctors to provide free consultations. We organize programs for communal harmony in which people of all religious faiths are invited to attend on the occasion of one’s religious festivals such as Holi, Dipawali, Idul-fitar, Lohri and Christmas day etc. On festivals every year we organize such programs.

Spiritual Programs

We have some spiritual program for the person who needs peace and satisfaction by Yoga, Meditation and Special Poojan for Navgrah Shanti and various types of Yajna in Prayag.

National Integration Programs

We organize conferences, seminars, workshops on various social and national issues for strengthening national unity and integrity in these programs important dignitaries and VIPS participated to express their views.

Educational Programs

We conduct educational pro grams free of cost to slum colonies of Allahabad (UP). Our trained teachers are involved in this activity every day. They go to slum areas and villages and organize free classes for drop outs and weak students of poor families. With this we provide books, bags and dresses free of cost to those poor students who are meritorious, intelligent and talented. Even we provide free of cost tuition to them. Project for women and children-We conduct various women empowerment programmes. Some trainings program like typing, computer, beauty parlor, sewing and knitting are organize for them at a very nominal fees to make them able to earn some money for their sustenance. Children who are the future of country should be property nourished, dressed and educated. We organize programs to make aware the parents of these children to provide them basic needs.

Drug De-Addiction Programmers

We organize door to door campaign in slum areas of Allahabad District of UP to leave addictions of smoking, liquor drinking, Panmaasala and Tobacco chewing. So far 100 persons have pledged to have their bad habits.

Pollution-Prevention Awareness Programmers

We organize intense campaigning once a year for the prevention of environment pollution. Our society organizes big camps in different places of Allahabad (UP) for the development of personality, morality and character. Our programs in schools and colleges of the above places are organized for this cause. The objective of the program is to produce devoted to serve our country.